Kerala solar panel Solutions by Wattz Energy

The Source of Solar Energy will never run out

Kerala Solar Panel Solutions

Wattz Energy Pvt Ltd

Wattz Energy Sustainable Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Cochin based Solar company which provides all kind of Solar Solutions in South India.

Our customers are very important to us and will always be given the best service. Our installations are very reliable. If any difficulty occurs our speedy follow up service will put it right. 

Be Future Proof

Traditional energy sources that you’ve depended upon for decades are drying up and is all set to be expensive, year after year. And you very well know that inverters fully dependent on the same traditional resources, and generators that works only on expensive bio fuels ain’t the solution. Moreover, extensive demand, decreasing supply, increasing population and nonstop consumption of electricity is the bane of our times. 

Solar Technician


To Ensure  sustainable and renewable energy solutions for homes, offices and industries. To save the future of our planet for generations to come.


Commuted to contribute to the sustainability of our planet, banking on the very latest in technology and the best practices possible.


To be the first choice PV & Thermal products supplier and to be widely recognized for high quality products and services.

Why invest in Solar

Use the energy of the sun to power your home

House of Kerala

No more Stressing about your Electricity Bill

Use every appliance in your home for a more comfortable life without reaching the higher slab rates

Kerala Solar Power

Use the energy in your home with confidence

Energy poverty is in the past. Use Airconditioning at any time without counting the cost.

Solar on roof

Going green to the electricity is your gift to the planet

Water is a precious resource for humanity, Solar protect the water for future generations.

25 years Warranty

Great Investment for long term energy

Solar Panel can add value to your home, Community and to the Environment. In your home in 6 to 7 years your savings will have paid for your initial investment. From here on your energy and lighting will be absolutely free. If you are operating factory or other business your original investment will be paid in 3 years.

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Electricity saving
Kerala Solar

Clean Energy against Climate Change

Solar Energy is clean energy adding no pollutants to the atmosphere

Energy Security For Years

Your Energy supply is secured for many years with our 25 year guarantee

Green Renewable Energy

We use green and sustainable elements in all of our production

Affordable Installation

For the average family installing Solar is affordable, Please enquire

Saving Your Money

Forget that regular bill, Your energy is free from now on. Thanks to Solar

Installed By Experts

Your Solar Panels will be installed by experienced technicians

Our Products

Solar Roof Top Panels On Grid & Off grid

Solar panel can power many things as well as solar roof panels we have many other products, which are listed on our product page.

The Combination of Nature and Science

Research and Development

Making a brighter future for India

Our research and development is ongoing and constantly reaching towards the future. The benefits for customers and the environment always at the front of our mind. All over the world clean green energy is the future and we are researching a long side international companies to acheive this.

25 Year long Warranty for panels

About WattZ

The Dependable Bridge between you and the sun

Wattz Sustainable Energy Solutions was established with a genuine passion to evisage and empower alternative solutions in power generation focusing on the new and emerging developmentsin the solar power sector. Ensuring a safe clean and wholesome environment without drying up our water resources, and the rising power demands of rural india were the other reasons that inspired us on our long journey ahead.

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Wattz Sustainable Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd

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